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"There have been so many people who have said to me, 'You can't do that,' but I've had an innate belief that they were wrong. Be unwavering and relentless in your approach." – Halle Berry

I am a passionate and driven Educator and Administrator with over 15 years of teaching and administrative experience. I gained my unique skills of inspiring, training, and transferring my knowledge by graduating with a Master of Education from New England College and securing my Teaching License from Notre Dame College. I began my journey as a Long-Term Substitute teacher and advanced to an Intervention Specialist, then found my 2nd passion as an Administrator.  My belief is that ALL children can learn and as educators we must ensure that they received the most rigorous educational experience that can be offered to ensure their academic and social success.


Having worked in the Education field as a College Professor, School Administrator, and Coordinator, experiencing the management side enlightened me to play my role in training and leading teachers, employees to develop their skills as students and consumers deserve the best from them. Pushing past every obstacle in my way, quality education, and years of professional experience led my life to be a successful educator, trainer, and professional skill developer.


My mission as an Educational Consultant is to guide organizations and educators all over the world, that need direction, focus, and support in achieving their targets and overcoming their unproductive processes while cultivating and provide them administered, and successful environment using my expertise most professionally. I bring a wonderful sense of motivation and guidance to diverse organizations aiding them and driving them to revolutionize their existing model. My mission is to help professionals actualize their potentials leading to an evident successful and sustainable environment.


By focusing on Organizational Management, Character Development, Leadership, Special Education, and much more, I strive to spread and implement ideas, experiences to assist countless renowned organizations and educators around the world in optimizing their processes, master their craft, and achieve their goals. I bring innovation, tools, practical experiences, and resources through my dynamic communication, professionalism, and consultancy to aim high, provide foresight, and enhance the client’s competence.


The motivation behind starting LA Educational Consulting is to develop and execute strategic training and tactical priorities to deliver sustained improvements taking client’s organizational needs into account and equip them with tools that will teach them to generate a sustainable profit stream and maintain their efficacy. I believe that every organization has the capacity and capability to exceed its goals, and my mission is to provide ample resources and consultancy to those organizations in uplifting their productivity by training their staff.

I’ve dedicated my life to transform organizations’ working models and education methodology to support them in growing.


LA Educational Consulting is one way of transferring all the knowledge, experience, and delivering it out there in the world so that all humankind can prosper.

L.M. Adams,

Owner/CEO LA Educational Consulting

Expert Education Consultant, PBN Network

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